Our team of consultant embryologists are available for directing your lab on a consultancy basis. The off-site laboratory directorship is a good option for those laboratories with a certified Technical Supervisor [TS(ABB)] on site.

Laboratories with Directors without ABB certification are encouraged to operate under the directorship of an ELD or HCLD to be fully compliant with current regulations and guidelines.

New laboratories using our company for the design and for buying equipment have a discounted rates for our Off-site Laboratory Director services.


We will work with your architects on the design of your laboratory keeping in mind your expected growth and cycle capacity. We take under consideration current guidelines and future potential regulations as well as existing classifications for clean rooms performing tissue culture under GMP. We work on new labs to be built in new facilities as well as laboratories to be installed in existing spaces and buildings.



Our consultant embryologists can set up a program for any level of technologist undergoing embryology training. We only offer personalized one-on-one training. Our company has two laboratories: a research one located in our own facility in Hingham, MA and a clinical embryology lab located in central California. Personalized courses are available for:

– IVF Basic
– Advanced IVF
– Blastocyst development and culture
– Vitrification
– Blastocyst biopsy



Current best practices (and accreditation guidelines) require the calibration of all pieces of equipment used in the IVF laboratory. Our company can put together an annual calibration service for your lab included in the IVFAngel fee or set independently as a sole annual service for your laboratory. The service includes incubators, workstations/laminar flow hoods, centrifuge, stage and tube warmers, thermometers, pH meters, pipettes, etc.