Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Garment

Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Garment

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Oosafe®IVF Laboratory Garment is made of breathable fabric, employing airflow to eliminate the risk of condensation and deflect airborne dust away from the cloth surface.

Exceptionally soft to the touch with moisture management, finished fabric filters particles up to 65% (0.3 μ) and 72 % (0.5 μ).

Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Garment offers you:

– VOC-free fabric

– Comfort

– Particle and odor barrier

– High durability

– Antistatic protection

– Low linting

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality Standards

Customizable Garment

For only 5 EUR/piece, orders over 50 pieces can be customized with 5 different colors other than our classic Navy Blue and Light Blue. In addition, we can add your logo on demand for an extra 5 EUR/piece. See the price list for extra info.

Oosafe® IVF Laboratory Garment has different color and design options. Please contact us for further information.