We sell safe and reliable products for use in IVF laboratories worldwide.


SparMED, the manufacturer of Oosafe products, sells in over 80 countries worldwide. SparMED has visited more than 50 countries, been participating in all major international congresses like ASRM, ESHRE, MEFS and ASPIRE, as well as many national ones, to set up the distribution network. Up until the year 2017, SparMED has successfully launched 10 different Oosafe® products and the brand name has become well known in the IVF field.


Oosafe products are well-known throughout the world. We have some of the safest and most reliable IVF products in the market. Some of our most popular products are our disinfectants and plasticware.

We strive to provide our customers with high-end products that meet quality standards. Our IVF dishes are approved by scientists. Quality testing is done for each lot to ensure our customers that Oosafe dishes meet the highest standard.


Our team is able to assist you with consulting, laboratory, training, and calibration services to ensure your lab/staff runs efficiently.

Our consulting embryologists are available for directing your lab on a consultancy basis. For those opening up a new lab or in need of an update to a lab, we will work with your architects on designing something that will lead to growth and cycle capacity. We provide our customers with consulting embryologists who will help train any junior embryologist or aspiring embryologist with personalized courses.

Our company can put together an annual calibration service for your lab. Services include incubators, workstations/laminar flow hoods, etc.



Onur Ozturk

​​​​​​​Onur has been in IVF field since 2002 working on both sides of the business; as distributor as well as manufacturer. Over 15 years experience in the IVF field, Onur has developed many Oosafe products and will continue bringing top quality products from DENMARK to the IVF world. Onur graduated from a Statistics Department and completed his MBA education, having one semester in Denmark as an exchange student. Sales Manager at SparMED Denmark, manufacturer of Oosafe products, Onur is so excited and happy to start a new adventure at Oosafe Inc. serving US, Canada and Latin American markets.


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