We will work with your architects on the design of your laboratory keeping in mind your expected growth and cycle capacity. We take under consideration current guidelines and future potential regulations as well as existing classifications for clean rooms performing tissue culture under GMP. We work on new labs to be built in new facilities as well as laboratories to be installed in existing spaces and buildings.

Air System

A critical component of your laboratory is the quality of the air. It is recommended to design the air handling system early in the process to avoid costly alterations to a faulty design. Particle load, number of air changes per hour, percentage of ceiling coverage with HEPA filters and location of the air returns are some of the aspects to take into consideration. We work with companies dedicated to build air systems for the pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Gas Manifold

The distribution and type of gas lines your laboratory need is the most forgotten part of your new laboratory project. We design the most cost effective system for your lab based on number and type of incubators you have or plan to have. Thinking in advance for future expansion is also critical.


We work with you and your team in the selection process of the laboratory equipment. We recommend the placement of it securing process and people flow according to the space dedicated to the laboratory. Most projects started by our clients begin with equipment listing. We reserve that task for a later time after we define the type of laboratory needed for your center.


Retrofitting and Equipment Renewal

Laboratories designed many years ago could have a chance to becoming a “stat-of-the-art” laboratory. Brand new air systems retrofitted to the existing building and newly designed “low VOC-emitting” furniture are some of the options we offer. Old laboratory equipment can be replaced and/or upgraded by modern technology to elevate the standards of laboratories built in the last decades.